Sunday, September 02, 2007

This is where the buck stops!

I'm going to rave and rant this time. No putting my best foot forward. No pretty speeches. No clever poems. No killing 'em softly with a song. And don't miss the blood red text colour.

My biggest grouse about blogging and my fellow bloggers: why oh why oh why can't people have the decency to ask if they might add me to their blogroll? Where have good manners and the simple "Mind if I add you?" one-liner disappeared? It was there when I first started blogging a year ago but since I don't know when, I've clicked onto people's blogs and found mine quietly sitting on their blogrolls without so much as a by your leave. Now that really gets me, people! Sure I'm flattered as shit you consider me worthy of being featured on your personal pages but puhleeeze, have the decency to check with me first. In other words, knock on my door and ask "May I?" Puhleeze!

As it is, I'm not even sure anymore if I should continue going public. Unlike a lot of other people I know personally who choose to make very impersonal inputs, preferring to air cultural, social, religious, et al concerns, I have chosen to write on very personal matters. And I'm frankly freaked that any passing Tom, Dick or Harry should just sit out there and give my innermost thoughts a virtual onceover. So if one of these days, this place goes under lock and key, this is why!



  1. I hope I am not one of the offenders, because as I recall I did not ask your permission or even notified you when I linked you in my blog.

    But I understand how you must feel, it's like your life is being broadcasted on a giant TV which everyone could see. I wouldn't blame you if you make your blog "Invite only".

  2. J..if you ever think of going private, please remember to send me an invite too. Yours is one of the few blogs I regularly read.
    Have started a blog again (sigh). But was kind of embarrassed by my flip-flops so I didnt tell you abt you know:) Please visit sometime, atleast you'll see my wedding pic.hehe

  3. oops, hit me hard on my forehead. I'm sorry Dear, but puhleez, don't ask me to take out ur link from my blog. Cos, I linked those blogs which i read, not to show them off, but to make things easier for me, and make it a point to check all those links everytime.. as u know i'm a scatterbrain,

    If you ever make it a point to make ur blog private, please send me the invite!!

  4. ambs, I think I was partly responsible for you starting your own blog, so I don't really mean you.

    mnowluck, yes you're one of a few people who just quietly linked me. But at least you had the decency to drop a few comments here to show you were here. What bugs me are the people who've linked me quietly and never even bothered to leave traces of their visits here. That's just so rude to my way of thinking.

    dear diary, I'm soo delighted you've got a new blog running. You're always such a pleasure to read. And congrats :)

  5. oh o!!!

    me knwz u don't want to be linked so me not linking u...

    actually, ur blog is d only blog i visit in the past mebbe 3/4/5 months


    btw, about those people...lets sue them


  6. But at least you had the decency to drop a few comments here to show you were here. LOL!!! Though you are mad at me,glad was meh that you were not that mad at me, as i had assumed(not ass+U+ME) you were to be.

    Virgochhas: I should sue you instead for not updating your blog :D

  7. I for one can guarantee that I'm not in that list.

  8. As much as i empathize, your need for exclusivity might be a little harder to come by in such an openly accesible sphere. Even under lock and key, one couldnt rule out an occasional uninvited dropping in. Id rather bet on discretion in postings cause personally, it'd be a pity to see you go underground.