Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Water logged

Saturday morning. Usually there's lots of housework with veg shopping topping the list of to-dos Sat morns but last weekend was a completely different story. I woke up to find it raining heavily for the third day running and half of my room had morphed into a little lake of sorts. I went downstairs and quickly ran through my sister's leg warm up exercises, helped her get into her chair, had a nice hot cuppa tea, did the downstairs rooms, and then checked back on my room. The little lake had spread out so there wasn't a dry spot on the floor. It took about 3 buckets to mop up. And I had to repeat the whole thing three times throughout the day. By the end of it all, my doggie Patea and I were all pooped out. Lordy, I don't want to see anything wet for the next 6 months!


  1. and there I was, thinking why you weren't online...I've been reading about it everywhere, it looks like it's really getting worse out there *worried look*
    Sure hope it gets better in the coming days.
    Take care

  2. Pooped, eh?

    I can proudly say that I'm a pro in both: Saturday-morning-veg-shopping and floor-mopping. The latter in quite tricky, it's not just scooping water from the floor; it involves sophisticated techniques which only highly trained professionals using the latest technology could master (let me shamelessly add I am one). I think I would like to plagiarise a bit and write a blog entry on this subject. If you permit, of course. As for Sat-morn-veg-shopping, it's an activity that any idiot with some cash and a shopping basket/bag/Rambo polythene can do, so let me stop here.

    I don't know what makes me write all this crap in your hallowed comments page but let me not edit anything. Call me deranged or mad or anything that means "not normal".

  3. Rain doesn't seem to go down well with you, Calliopia :) It's not much fun tho when it rains weeks on end, and getting a room flooded is not one of its better properties.

    Saturday shopping? My brother and I used to walk along the market and whatever we buy till we find jelebis, that's it! haha. It was fun. Dad with the sweet tooth used to buy lapaw-chini by the dozen:)

    Hey Jimmy:)

  4. U reminded me of 30th June, when we MUMBAIkars bade farewell to JUNE.

    We are lucky enough to stay on the top floor enjoying the dry rain.. Dry rain?? hihihi

    Every post which you made do make a good read. I envy you lots for that!! :D

  5. Rain rain the unwelcome rain! Also Long Fellow's poem, How beautiful is the rain after the dust and heat... for you it's not the welcome rain...Well looking at the photo you seems so tired It's a time to think for a comforter eh ;-)

  6. jigme, you're such a worry wart. Next time you wonder why I'm not online, save on your wrinkle cream and just call me. Ok?

    ambs, I always knew you weren't normal so let's see your take on floor mopping on your blog :)

    diary, you're right, rain & I don't go together. When you have 5 dogs in the house who refuse to poop and do their other doggy stuff outside when it rains, I think you can figure out why I HATE the rain!

    mnowluck, I wish I could live in a beautiful penthouse apartment and just watch the rain too :)

    sawmte, yes, I was really,really tired that day. Please tell my comforter to come home :)

  7. I start worrying when I don't see your post/comment at LK :D

  8. i like the nice hot cuppa tea part.. the rest makes me tense... knowing there's tons of housework awaiting me... and forget saturday, its sunday afternoon already...

    thankfully no leaking taps/excess rains/flood situation in the house... its mostly mismanagement that i often find as a suitable companion in the absence of a flesh-n-blood one.. :)

    p.s - my blog's back