Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time when I was young
and the world was still in black and white

Me and my older sister with Mum and Dad

With gran, cousins, sisters and me. The baby's my cousin Mama who's since passed on, as has my gran. My older sister's the one that's happily grinning into the camera, the toddler with a hand on her head and panties half hanging down is my younger sister, the oldest girl sitting next to gran is my cousin who now has an adorable grandtoddler of her own, and yours truly grimacing in the far right.

This must've been someone's birthday tea party. Me far right again, my two sisters and another male cousin who too has since passed on. He was attempting to rescue his 12 year old son who got into deep waters in the Tlawng river. His son survived, my cousin didn't....


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Splashes of Colour

Orchids grow wild in Mizoram. We had a few samples around a couple of years ago when my sister, who's the one with a green thumb, could move around. Since then I think this is the only plant that's still bravely defying neglect and flowering beautifully in somewhat arid surroundings.

Little red hot chilly peppers blushing mightily in the sun

Our first poinsettia of the season. It's not perfectly shaped but it's still beautiful.