Wednesday, December 02, 2009

When a Number is Up

I've sometimes wondered what it must be like to have numbers on your cell phone of friends who die. Do you hit the delete button? Make a quick clean break? Or do you keep them and hang on for old times' sake?

In the five years since mobile phone connectivity came into my life with a major bang, not one contact on my list has died. Surprising since so many blood relatives and acquaintances have passed on in that time. That changed today though. Sawmtea, aged 28, and much too young to die, passed away this afternoon of heart failure. His was a number I often hit for help and information about my internet and cellphone connections since he'd helped me with both. He knew strings to pull and often had strictly confidential updates about new plans and schemes BSNL had in the oven which he'd gleefully tell me in hushed tones. You will be missed, my friend. And I think I'll keep you on my phone for a while yet.