Sunday, September 06, 2009

Along Life's Pathway

How amazingly perceptions can change with age and experience. As I was hanging out clothes in the sunshine today, a young teenaged boy on the road across was turning around a gleaming red motorcycle that looked new. He was coiffed and combed and nattily turned-out. Had probably taken him ages to get ready and was obviously anticipating a lot of peer admiration and envy but the impression that struck me was quite the opposite. I wondered if young people who go around flaunting expensive new geegaws are aware how spoiled and shallow they actually appear. They obviously can't afford such extravaganza themselves, especially when they don't even look like they've done a day's labour in their young lives. But with the smug attitude of the cat that got all the cream, they exhibit luxuries with an affected casual nonchalance that's actually quite laughable when you really think about it.

When you're young and impressionable, all you see is what your eyes show you but experience reveal hidden aspects of the very same view.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Turning Artsy

As blogging gets relegated to an increasingly less important activity on my online program, I find myself discovering newer ways of self-expression. One of these being this web-based application that lets you mix, match, collate and collage images at Never having been any kind of dab hand at drawing, sketching, painting and the other things that are effectively known as art in school, I've often wondered if I have any creative, artistic instinct in me. Well, polyvore has let me happily explore and indulge that part of me. My four creations in as many days thus far.

My first - I initially thought the place was just about fashion which explains this rather unlikely montage from me. Steppin' out in style.

My second - I deliberately set out to create a vibrant burst of colours since the first one had been somewhat monochromatic. A happy patchwork this if I may say so - Music and Butterflies.

My third came about purely as a result of all the gorgeous jewellery pieces I picked up. What every woman wants - Bling it on, girl!

And this is something I made just an hour ago. The Angels called Home Too Soon. Brought on in a rather reflective frame of mind following the sudden heart attack death of a friend's wife yesterday. He paid a moving tribute to her saying she had always been both wife and mother to him and he could not imagine how he and their two young kids would possibly do without her.

By the way, this technique is called layering and I find it incredibly exciting to work with in the sense that it's possible for anyone to produce something close to a great piece of abstract art this way! Just loving every moment of this.