Friday, July 24, 2015

A Mid-monsoon Rant

Another wet, slushy day in July. I've lost count of how many wet, slushy July days in a row it's been. Fog, rain, no sunshine, soggy underwear staying soggy for days on end.

I feel especially sorry for the sparrows. I've been feeding the little birds for the last four/five years. Every morning and evening, I put out a plate filled with rice and pounded peanuts and they come flocking as if they can't find food anywhere else. When it rains though, the peanuts and rice drown in the rainwater that collects in the shallow plate. I still haven't figured out a way on how to help when it rains. A feeding post with a cover. That'll do nicely but since I can't make one myself, all I can do is hope sunny days are back again soon.