Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No rest for the wicked

October has one foot out the door already and I haven't turned in an entry for it yet. Things have been so frantically, hectically busy since the middle of September, I get dizzy every time I even crane my neck. Yep, literally. And most of it was work-related. The annual inter-college sports meet is always a major item on the calendar in this part of the world and this year was no different. I personally don't think it should be but who cares what I think. So we had a week's mad high of songs, slogans and sledgings, fuelled by teenaged adrenaline and hormones. This year, the gods smiled on us and championship clinched on a day saturated with screamus delirious, the kids went berserk with joy. Here's a short video clip I took of them capering around in an impromptu celebratory jig, golden pompoms et al.

That done, I had to turn to my backlog of paperwork. Test papers, home assignments, the usual entrapments of a teacher.  And all with the deadline hanging over my beleaguered head. In the middle of it, we had a family wedding. Now we haven't welcomed a bride to the family for over twelve years or so, so we all went a little overboard. After all, there have been so many new fangled innovations to weddings with colour themed clothing for the bride's side and the groom's side, the pro-photographers et al. When we compared notes the day after, we had all almost killed ourselves tottering around all day in our high heels and fighting off the heat in our new royal blue formal wear. Oh well, a family wedding doesn't happen everyday after all. 

More paperwork. Questions for exams. Sigh, I wonder who invented exams. The kids hate them, the teachers hate them. The parents probably hate them too. Come early November and we'll all be lumbering home with... you got it, more paperwork. No rest for the wicked. Ah, well, I still love my job and wouldn't trade it for any other.