Thursday, August 30, 2007

Of Blogs and Temps and "The One"

I loved my Magic Paper template so but it gave me endless problems and the last straw was when it just crashed the other day. And that's the second time that the site which hosted it closed down without so much as a by your leave. But then that's how the cookie crumbles in these dizzily paced times.

I once came across a beautiful temp with an antique paper scroll look and that's what I hope to hound down sometime. If anyone's come across it, let me know. It's tough work wading through mountains of temps, some so silly and teenagerish they give me goosebumps the size of teen acne. But in my case I know for sure there's one temp out there on the world wide web that's just sitting there waiting for me and so, go on I must. Not that this isn't a bad looking temp. I like the slightly yellowed olde look. Suits me just fine methinks.



  1. welcome back to bloggers den.. !

    Even I liked your earlier template... this ones a bit too brown to suit you :)

  2. Oh I'm quite a brown person really :)

  3. May the force be with you in your quest of The Perfect Template, O Great Brown Hunter!!

  4. if you are a brownie, i must be charcoally :)

    havent seen a pic of yours for some time.. mind posting one? ;)

  5. I had the same problem with MRBROWN template. Want it or not, i have to changed my template to a template titled Beckett.(I'm working on changing the colors, but i'm poor enough to buy myself TIME.. I love my old temp)..grrr!

    To me, wateva template u might have used/stick to,Ur blog will still be my fav stop

  6. Thanks mnowluck. Yes it looks like something's wrong with the site which hosted those temps. I wish I knew how to change colours too..I'd change the brown on mine to burnt orange :)

    tinks, I already posted a couple of my pics in here and since I still look the same, and I have lots of pics on my orkut album, I'd rather stick with texts here.

  7. temps???

    wats dat? :D


    'I like the slightly yellowed olde look. Suits me just fine methinks.'


    ur not olde

  8. Great to see ur blog up again...

    Dont worry too much on the temp. at the end its what inside that counts the most...

    good luck with the quest for the brown temp though lol