Friday, September 28, 2007


February 1995 - September 28, 2007


  1. Yes he did. He'd been having problems with his hearing, seeing and health in general. From yesterday morning he went off his food and went into convulsions and died this morning around 10.30 after a long restless night.

  2. that's so sad. pets have such short lives :(

  3. he was such a friendly and nice chap...

  4. Thats really sad.

    *Condolence hungsie*

    But 12 years is quite a good number of years for a dog. May his soul rest in peace and find its way to Dog Heaven.

  5. Yes he was, Picturesquer. Nice nick, by the way ;)

    Thanks, Kim. I read somewhere that 1 calendar year for canines is roughly equivalent to about 7 human years so that would make Pit-a, as we called him, about 80 years old!

  6. A va thonaihthaak leuh ve! A ai awhtu tur an awm leh ngei ka beisei

  7. It's just so sad, so sad. I know how you must feel. I hope you cried your heart out, don't be ashamed. It's so hard not to cry when pets especially dogs die. My dog died while I was away and it felt so strange to come home and not find her there, it felt like something was missing, something was not quite right. No wagging tail, no overenthusiastic greeting, no jumping-and-running-around-with-joy, no affectionate licks... The house was empty without her. She was an ugly little thing, black as night, bowlegged, with gray whiskers that made her look like some old rastafarian; but I loved her to bits.

  8. I don't like it when they die...My cuz euthanasia(d) the first one..she couldn't bear her suffering."...she's too old I can't see her this way..." she said.
    The second one, a gift passed on to me-a German shepherd (Opal)-died of a heart attack. She gave a howl in the drawing room while we were having dinner.
    There are two of them right now at home. We have never looked at them as 'pets' but we looked at them as a part of our family.
    I was in Delhi recently (for a day), and when I reached home, the only two entities who followed me everywhere in the house were 'Jackie' and 'Becker'.
    I rang the bell, 'Becka' had smelt me...and as I spoke to Dad, becka was already biting my thighs in a teasing manner, I went to the drawing room they were there, the kitchen they were there, the balcony, they were there.
    They just followed me because they 'smelt' that 'someone' is home!

  9. J, come over to Jimmy's blog quick! before he deletes my comment. lolz. He made a senti post in his blog and then deleted it. Unfortunately for him, I receive all his updates and changes because I subscribe to his blog feed (I subscribe to all the feeds of all Mizo bloggers, lolz)

    Come over there and take his trip. I have pasted his senti post at his comment field. I will post it at lawrkhawm too. haha. BW-te is the best :)

  10. Ummm J,
    I don't know why this gives me the fits! :))

  11. Kim & Jigs, will you two clowns cut it out! We're having a quiet little memorial here for my doggie and you're turning it into a BB lurvefest! Arghhh!

    ambs, I just love that description of your dog. You put it so well, girl.

    jigme, I remember your kitten post in your blog. Nice ppl love animals :)

  12. He uite hian min bauh tawh... mahse ka haw miah lo.

  13. Oihomloh eee lalfly, patea hian tumah a bauh ngai lo...mihring a ngaina thei ltk. Nangman i lo bauh ani zok ang.

  14. Kan naupan lai hian Ui Hla kan by heart thin.

    Ui tha moi leh duhawm chu ,
    a hming ka han hrilh ang che,
    Venthiamhuaisena uifing leh hman tlak tak chu,
    a hma ah hian ball mum lir ila a man thei!

    Pate-a poh hian man ve thei hrim hrim.

  15. Patea... nu deuh nih hi ka hlauh zawng tak a ni.

  16. Nuteii pa deuh poh an awm tho alom,lexxbawih.
    Hehe sawmte, i va rawn quote tha reuh ve, i ti lawmawm.