Sunday, October 28, 2007

Goin' hi-tech

The end of the year is usually super hectic for most people, teachers in particular. I've been swamped with papers to wade through... evaluations and the shhhh strictly confidential kind. I haven't even been able to do anything beyond a casual flip-through of my obligatory Cosmo and Readers' Digest.

Plus I finally got myself two new high tech toys this month. One's a new Sony Ericsson W810 cell phone to replace my two year old K750i. I still love my old phone and would have absolutely no quarrel with it were it not for the joystick which has to be the crappiest thing ever created! So off with the old, which my sister's happily taken up with, and on with the new. Since the new model has pretty much the same features as the old, no problems there.

Not so with the other new toy, sigh. I've wanted a digicam for ages but now that I finally got one, a moderately priced Sony DSC W80, I've discovered I'm no photographer. Or at least I know zilch about the technical aspects of photography. Like I said earlier, I've been so busy with paperwork I haven't really had time to tinker with it much, and the best or worst part was a couple of evenings earlier on October full moon night when I decided to take stunning shots of the moon. Shock, horror, my pictures kept turning out even worse than my phonecam pictures! Frantic calls to my photography expert who assured me that capturing great moon shots is easier said than done, and much tweaking of ISO, shutter speeds and what have yous later, the results were still the same. The moon rapidly lost all its appeal and the cam's become another challenge that I'm going to have to meet, come what may!

I did manage to take some pretty ok pictures though. And here's a few. Now sooth my bruised ego and tell me that I have the makings of a fairly decent photographer in me :)


  1. A very simple way of taking pictures with a Sony Digital is to keep the shutter speed at ' Auto" except when you are taking pictures of lighting (like a christmas tree /pandal) thats when you bring gthe shutter speed to the minimum ...and to a avoid shaky images (if your camera like mean does not have anti-blur features), then hold your breath before clicking !

    I am no expert but this is what I have discovered in the last two years of owning this camera !

  2. LOL that's a great tip, Deb. My cam does claim to have anti-blur...
    double anti-blur,in fact, so I guess that dispenses with the holding of breath before clicking part :D

  3. Your pictures are excellent, more please!

  4. Thank you very much, Marc! I'll definitely be posting lots more pics. Glad to see you blogging again. You dropped off the surface of the blogworld for a long time and I missed the crispness of your brilliant writings.