Monday, October 29, 2007

Literary definition howlers

Metaphor: It is a way of something by comparing something else and something that was in a particular pattern.

Simile: It is a way of something word compared with something by used this words.

Quatrain: Name of an instrument which is widely used for the measurement of weather.

Satire: The poet has the proud words. The poet had announced the great and they announced and vivid the proud poet is known as satire.

Elegy: (i) It is a hymn normally made up of lines consisting words about people we long for and who have left the world. It is a hymn for sobbing and sad people.

(ii) It refers to a song used in ancient days for funeral purposes. It is used till today. It is often practise in churches and temples.

(iii) It is also defined as the rumour that one had experience before. He might be suffered from different things maybe a love affair between man and woman about marriages, family problems, live or death, suffering from some diseases etc.

Sonnet: (i) It is a way of describing a word with 14 lines.

(ii) A sonnet can be defined as the remembering of true love by nature and the recalling of past life that one had experience. The imagination of one thought of real sense of beauty of nature.

(iii) It is a meditative attempt to define the nature of ideal love. In the course of this definition, an ideal love is set against a sense of true love.

Argh... these kids are crazy!



  1. Aha, I finally see what you look like. I dont know if you could categorise this as a howler but i had a paper that insisted on, "...the pubic life of XXX." I thought Elegy (iii) was inspired.

  2. Oh there're other pictures of me somewhere in here. Last December posts, I think.
    "the pubic life of XXX" eh? Now that sounds seriously hairy! :D

  3. good howlers :)

    I like the first one the most. hihi. Lots of "something" thrown in there, definitely my style! :)

  4. Yep, the first one's kinda noncommittal. Follows the "when you're unsure about something, keep it vague" rule pretty well, right Kim? Me I like the "pubic life of xxx". Has a certain ring to it :P

  5. It is a way of something that is frustrating and making me wanting to grab them by their necks and making me wanting to send our college students back to primary school.

    But if the truth be told I have no idea what a "Quatrain" is.

  6. Awwww my feelings exactly, ambs!! But you can't afford to be too violent, alas. A quatrain is just a poem or stanza with 4 lines....from the Latin quad.

  7. AHA! an update finally!! you havent updated in ages!!! making your poor readers like me almost finish the book im reading!!! lol..good book btw.u read it? The inheritance of loss-Anita Desai.i miss those forums we had ages back where we cud discuss books..aduhi? rem? for these howlers!! my sides ached laughing! but always with a tinge of sadness..cuz its mizo college kids we are talking about..:( anyway happy bday! 3rd time i`m wishing myspace,orkut and here..any other sites i can send my wishes to??:)hugs sweets

  8. so if a 4-line poem is a quatrain, would a limerick be a pentrain? :P I love limericks, I even had a book of dirty limericks but I think somebody snitched it becos it's nowhere to be found now.

    Hey life10 nice to see you! I sure miss those forums. Hows your family?

  9. Lol I don't know about a limerick being a pentrain but a limerick isn't really considered serious, mainstream poetry.

    life10, a big thank you hug! And no I haven't read Inheritance yet. I've become sooo lazy about reading anything it's really shameful :(

  10. And all these time I thought a Quatrain was when four trains run parallel to each other... :-P

    And strangely, to me, a "stanza" sounds like some Nazi propaganda or Nazi secret police...

    "Herr Oberleutnant, this is Herr Kapitän from the Stanza, München Division, reporting for duty! Sieg Heil!"


  11. And oh, Happy Happy Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthday Hugsie!

  12. Thank you Kim! Birthdays are so special...whatever age you may be, it leaves you with such warm feelings having friends and family take time to remember you :)
    And the Nazi bit is just priceless! haha