Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Love Song to a Stranger

how long since i've spent a whole night in a twin bed with a stranger
his warm arms all around me?
how long since I've gazed into dark eyes that melted my soul down
to a place where it longs to be?
all of your history has little to do with your face
you're mainly a mystery with violins filling in space

you stood in the nude by the mirror and picked out a rose
from the bouquet in our hotel
and lay down beside me again and i watched the rose
on the pillow where it fell
i sank and i slept in a twilight with only one care
to know that when day broke and i woke that you'd still be there

the hours for once they passed slowly, unendingly by
like a sweet breeze on a field
your gentleness came down upon me and I guess i thanked you
when you caused me to yield
we spoke not a sentence and took not a footstep beyond
our two days together which seemingly soon would be gone

don't tell me of love everlasting and other sad dreams
i don't want to hear
just tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other
from a lifetime of cares
because if love means forever, expecting nothing returned
then I hope i'll be given another whole lifetime to learn

because you gave to me oh so many things it makes me wonder
how they could belong to me
and i gave you only my dark eyes that melted your soul down
to a place where it longs to be.

Words and music by Joan Baez

I've loved this song for years, loved the stark accoustic arrangements and the poetry of its lyrics. I read in a bio of Baez that she didn't write it for Dylan but some much younger relative stranger that she picked up on the road. I like that.



  1. I would love to leave a comment, but I am too busy trying to sink myself deeper into its meaning.

  2. The only Joan Baez song I have in my huge collection is "Lonesome Valley". I'm not that into her I guess :-P

    in in hmeh tawps Joan Baez music nen hian. hahaha! :)

  3. Hehe yeah Kim, I've always loved Baez's music...her vocals aren't always music to my ears but I like her style in general. And she was part of rock and roll history...y'know, the sixties flower power period. Those guys were the greats...sigh.

    ambs, thanks for the comment anyways :D

  4. I'll recommend Blackmore's Night - "Now And Then". His wife sang the song and yeah, very similar to Baez.
    Love this song too... :)

  5. stumbled upon your journal. i was quite surprised to see a mizo blogger. if u don't mind my asking, do u live in chamari west?

  6. jimmy, do you really like this song too or are you just sucking up for unpardonable gaffes?!!

    anonymous, there's a whole string of Mizo bloggers. Check out Illusionaire's...he has the full list on his blogroll. And no, I'm not from chanmari west :)

  7. that anon knows u...i'll bet my new shoe on it...

    i don't know who Baez is :D

  8. virgo, hehe you don't know Baez? We have a Philistine in here :P
    No seriously, she's not your style. She would be sth of an old-fashioned Norah Jones I guess.