Saturday, May 19, 2007

Amen. I couldn't agree more.


  1. Stalker or a jealous neighbour?
    Or is it a peer at work that's giving you the blues?

    Whichever of those... but it seems you have a strategy-to-tackle chalked out... (or photographed rather... :)

    how's the kitchen coming along btw?

  2. The kitchen's coming along great :) I don't want to post pics until everything's as it should be.

    Well, it's a long silly lame story that you'll be glad to be spared of. Let's just say that my calendar gave me great advice which I took before I even actually saw it. If I sound like I'm speaking in "tongues", hmmm maybe I am :P

  3. hey sweetheart long time..the other day i was so bored..mah baby was sleeping and i had a lil freetime in my i came to ur blog..hmmm no new post..wish ur kitchen work was done so u cud write new blogs again soon :)) "my sanctuary" where i escape to, far from the madding crowd i call ur blog i went to links in ur page hoping to find similar writings..if not as good..and hey i found one..ur friend tinkertoon writes amazing..and i wanted u to tell him that..i copy paste one of his poems 'The railroad station' (hope he doesnt mind)its one of the most beautiful poems i`ve read in ages and i`m trying to get hold of the poet`s books in delhi..just wanted to thank u both for it..have a gr8 day sweetheart my daughter`s name is sharon btw..:) take care sweetheart

  4. Did ya contact my sis or uMamawii (ur colleague) regarding the talented craftsman for your kitchen at a discount rate? Do that J, you wont regret it.

    Life10 is in delhi and bored. Yet, she wont send me her number! As if I wanna meet her. All I wanna do is meet Rob. *grin*

  5. Hey Jes, I heard you're planning on having your baby baptised today. Pics of little Sharon please. And it's not really the kitchen, I've just not been in blog mode lately. Will try to update though. And hey, tinkertoon is an amazing blogger, isn't he? He writes so beautifully. I actually got to know him from Jimmy aka BlackWhite who has, or more correctly had, a blog which he seems to have forgotten. They're schoolmates or sth, right guys? I'm sure tinks would be more than happy to have you post compliments on his blog.

    Kim, we have a perfectly good carpenter and the woodwork's practically finished. Thanks anyway. And good work that, plugging your sister's boyfriend :P

  6. That's how a topic can go from London to Tokyo in a matter of minutes... I fully trust our ladies to swerve 180 degrees... more a depiction of the road rash the fairer sex is charged with often... !!

    Nonetheless, I feel deeply honored (and ashamed that it takes a pilfered poem to make a mark when there are tons of pages I've been writing all this while... ironies of fate, say)... whateva..

    But it feels good to get a reader... howsoever comment-unfriendly.

    I am often tempted to start paying up for people to read my blog and extra for those who comment on it... but the complicacies are too much. Like I ain't that rich yet for one. But someday it'll be 10 EUR per blogcomment (does Bill Gates have a daughter? I know Mittal's is already married :)

    enough attenshun sought...
    time to hide

    *I was one of Illusionaire's army of blogsubscribers till he decided to "convert". I'd love to get the ole' guy back... but time only flows one way...

    and one of these days I'll share my first meet with Gme (and lotsa anecdotes too... but right now the guy's trying to make the bells toll, so not the right time :)

    bis dann...!

    P.S -> granite-shelf-kitchen, is it?

  7. Yeah the shelf is granite,tinks. I just posted a couple of pics. Paying people to visit and comment on your blog sounds like a great idea. I'll volunteer for it if you want a guinea pig to test run the idea :D
    And please do tell us about you and Gme. He's already spilled a few beans about your Autobahn outing so it's high time you return the favour :D