Monday, May 28, 2007


Day abandons it
night disowns it

a poet picks it up
threads it
into a poem;
but sometimes
it is barren,
so impotent
it gives nothing,
not even to the poet.

- Gulzar

I'm not sure if this was written in English or translated from Urdu but I like the different approach it takes to a topic that's been sentimentalised and done to death in the most humdrum way by poets and songwriters galore.


  1. Hi ! Where did you get this ? it's beautiful. I did a mental trasnalation into urdu and I had tears in my eyes. Gulzar's forte is his simplicity.

    Evening is my favourite time of the day.

  2. Hi weekend blogger, I got this from an online international poetry site but I don't quite remember the exact link. I'd love to read more of Gulzar's poetry if they're all like this.