Sunday, April 15, 2007

The last few days I've been working hard at trying to make our kitchen look something like the one above, which happens to be my aunt's. My sisters and I have long felt our kitchen needed major upgrading, what with the outdated sunglossed cabinet doors and general antiquidated look. But knocking things down is hard, dirty, dusty work, and things don't always go to plan. Like after putting in granite slabs on the counter and cementing them down, there was a place in the corner where water puddled so we had to rip them up again. Sigh. My bones ache. And we haven't even actually started on the wood work.



  1. now that's an enviable setup, but if I may add a few "interior" tips:
    a. put the oven right under the stove.
    b. if you use a gas-cylinder stove as all of the subcontinent does, have a slitted cabinet to allow any gas to percolate through.. safe setup.
    c. if your kitchen allows some space, then instead of building all the cabinets right atop the cooking shelf.. put a few on the opposite wall.

    and donot forget to post a pic of the dreamkitchen-housing-the-wondercook when its all done...

  2. Your aunt's is a girl's dream kitchen. Renovations are a great idea, especially when it's done in one's absence. Good luck with the grime and dust. I'm sure you're going to have a kitchen to die for :)

  3. now that it's so nice and different that i can't picture your kitchen in my mind anymore (:

  4. ...and I had been been thinking where you were these days?
    As tinkertoon put it, do share a pic or two when its done :)

  5. if we dont see a post from you pretty soon, then i'm afraid we'll have to fly down (or is it up? dunno) to inspect the kitchen renovation work that seems to be keeping you pretty busy... we surely hope its just that...

    in case you find updating this too difficult, just drop a line saying so.

  6. Hey everybody, I was dead but now I'm alive again! Net was down around these parts, and no pics of the kitchen yet, sorry, we're still working on it. Hopefully I can put up some maybe next week :)

  7. callio callio callio. So sorry the net is down there? hahahahahahahahaha.

    Great kitchen. And hey, you should take a look at U Mamawii's place at New Capital. We had dinner there just before I left Miz. My sister's boyfren is doing the carpentry works and Im sure I can recommend him to you. Right now he is working at the Governor's house designing a new bed for him.