Sunday, January 07, 2007

Desolation Blues

ain't no sunshine when you're gone
it's not warm when you're away
ain't no sunshine when you're gone
and you're always gone too long
everytime you go away

can i live without you
now that i know you
now that i know you exist?
can i be the same
now that i've changed
with the gentle touch of your hand?
now that i'm divided
by my need for you
without you
can i be whole again?


  1. I have it on good authority that it's actually your vapourised teardrops, Jigs :D

  2. beatiful verse must say...

    when can we expect your anthology to be out btw?

    you must be knowing a person or two at the Calcutta Writers Workshop for sure, rite?

  3. Umm... hate to disabuse you of your illusions, tinks but these aren't my verses....the first's part of the old blues classic Ain't no sunshine, and the other, part of a poem I found on the Net and modified slightly. Don't rat on me, will you? I never was any kind of poet, and no, I don't know a soul at the CWW so my anthology won't be out for quite a while yet!

  4. Calliopia, ka lo chhiar miah lo a..
    a hnuai a mi khi! i really sums something2 :)

  5. eh!

    wonder whoz da lucky guy

    *scratches head*

  6. A very special person, virgo ;)

    Jigs, you should read every line I put out extra carefully. Or maybe you just relate to this one for certain reasons, hey? :)

  7. did he know how lucky he is to have u???

    if not..tell me...i'll kill him


  8. Hehe I think he does...and please don't kill him...just tell him to come back home to me :)

  9. as the saying goes..'home is where the heart is'

    so i bet he's with you all the time or ur with him all the time...both of u at home...doncha uarry