Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Deep Purple

when the deep purple falls
over sleepy garden walls
and the stars begin
to flicker in the sky
through the mist of a memory
you wander back to me
breathing my name with a sigh.
in the still of the night
once again I hold you tight
though you're gone
your love lives on
when moonlight beams
and as long as my heart will beat,
sweet lover, we'll always meet
here in my deep purple dreams

A Donny and Marie Osmond song that I used to love back when I was a young girl filled with giddy dreams. For me, the best gift the Net brings are the songs and music that I grew up to....


  1. breathing my name with a sigh

    awiiii....ka lunglenggggggg :(

    J, wherz dat pic from???

  2. I stole it from flickr..a mawi eee tiraw? :)

  3. kan ru chhawng ve teh ang :P

    mawi em mai


  4. Heheh ru chhawng rawh...a aia mawi ka chhar belh teuh mole

  5. i soi hma khan ka ru daih toh

    ale ale


  6. Nalh hle nain min ti nguai zuais mai..ka van ngaithla chhin chak hla chu

  7. limewire velah a awm...kpoh ka dl thar a...mahse nalh in ti ve lo maithei...kei hi chu ka hmanlai ve hrim2 a :D

  8. ni e nalh an ti lo ang... keini oldtimers ho hi chu kan taste a dang bik alawm tiraw ku J.

  9. nalh kan ti ang...

    we both are spinsters...ngaithla-ing all hla hluizz...

    sundancer phei chu duh 'boyhh' lutuk


  10. Nah, lo in soi spinster ve suh, virgo..ka category of spinsterhood chu a sang vah asin lol

  11. bleh bleh!...tarsa a piang ka nia..:D

    i thil te te tur kha ka la theihnghilh miah lo nia..in call fuh har lutuk..mut leh men hun a in khi-kuh lo bawk sia :) ... khawvel hi manganthlak nih hi...hna ah buai bawk si...

    vawt bawk si (yesterday was 4 degree celcius) .... vawt ka ti ve ang reng a, temperature ka hre chiah a, ka khurh a zual in ka hria :D...

  12. i dream that deep purple dreams of yours too... every hour n every second :-X

  13. "through the mist of a memory
    you wander back to me"
    "in the still of the night
    once again I hold you tight"
    "...back when I was a young girl
    filled with giddy dreams..."

    To me, you're still young n giddy, so why the past tense, my dear?
    Though I'm not a suitor
    There are lots in queue
    Who wish to marvel your beauty
    And marry you.
    Give the poor blokeheads a chance
    Don't say the chap'ster's closed
    Before the feeling's undone!


  14. tinkertoon, it's probably just my senior moments that give you that impression! But thanks for the vote of confidence anyway :)Btw, I heard sth about your Autobahn experience. Why don't you blog that?

    s, love you, baby :-x

  15. mi te chuan an blog te hi an update thrin ania...

    i buai top loh kha...update roh...

    nge i nun ah thil thar ziah tur i nei hlol lo mi



    ka in ti thei miah lo ania


  16. Auto ban thil kha chu zawt lo hrammmm...khawngaih in..min lynch ani mai? :D

  17. Ka zawt hman toh laklawh! I ron soi tlai em nih kha!! A lo lynch tak che leh, leave me your laptop in your will :D