Friday, November 03, 2006


It was my birthday last Wednesday. And as I reflect on my life I know I've come a long long way. Good times, bad times. Sometimes I tend to get a little morose and feel like I've been especially hard done by, gotten a rougher deal than a lot of people.... parents both gone when some friends still have the pair intact, no lifetime partner, no patter of little feet, a sister in a wheelchair, nothing but hairfall-inducing stress oftentimes. But then again, as I was driven to reflect on the morning of my birthday, I've had my share of blessings and good luck, a good job I love, supportive friends and family, a house of our own. Most of all, I'm comforted by the thought that the Good Lord sees me fit to cope with all the adversity that's come my way. Strange comfort maybe but it's somehow a source of great strength to me. I don't know all the dips and curves ahead of the road I travel but it's been a good ride so far and I know that He who rides with me, will continue to be with me.



  1. Dear Callops.

    HAPPY B'Day!(Aren't we born anew every single day???)

    Sweet as your warmth reflects
    Sourness none
    Hurts many, but strengths aplenty
    Your grace remains.

    Sadness is but
    A moment of truth
    That sometimes lingers
    For long.

    Being single ain't easy
    Ask me.
    But there are woes from matrimony
    I rather not see.

    You've done well, I can say
    Without knowing your particulars -
    And its just sad that scorps (like us)
    Gotta spend their b'days all alone.

    Greetings for your sis
    And your lovely niece
    A madman one has to be
    To call oneself lonely.(smile/smirk/smile ;)

    Della and her tresses
    Were parted too
    So worry not
    For your dandruff-infested hair.(laffs!)

    And finally
    A prayer.
    That you stay the way
    The Lord intended you to be.

  2. Hey, you're a Scorp too?? When's your bday? And thank you very much for the wishes and kind words :)

    I do agree with you that matrimony brings many woes. Like everything else it comes with strings attached & I imagine you'd have to take a huge risk getting into it (ermm I hope I don't scare you off the idea totally). The toddler niece is actually a close cousin's little girl, but I do have one lovely niece who's now all of 13 (or sth) & exasperatedly rolls her eyes when I ask her once too often how old she is & what class she's in now :D

    Aye, Della was indeed parted from her hair but she did get a lovely comb in return. I don't think I get anything back but ah well, at least it's not like kids are calling me Talu behind my back :D

  3. ya, just knowing that one is capable of facing adversity gives a feeling of strength.