Monday, November 06, 2006


I have a good friend who has this habit of sms-ing me on full moon nights with comments on the "total horror movie" effect of the moon :D I don't watch very many horror movies so I don't normally associate the two. But I must admit that last evening's moonrise, pictured above from my bedroom balcony, was prettily eerie with all the fleecy clouds surrounding it. Normally the full moon is something that I often forget to look at in the busyness of life especially when all the lights are on full blast but when I do remember to look at it, it never fails to get to me. It has to be without doubt one of the most magnificent sights ever. And where I live, high up in the mountains, winters are always clear, weather-perfect times so the next couple of months are going to bring in more breathcatchingly beautiful full moon nights :-)



  1. Welcome to the moongazer's world.
    It a strange feeling staring at the moon for... long while, let's say. We never can stare at the Sun, though its presense is very clear to us. But we bond with the moon when we stare at it. Thought stops, and the inside-eye just sees.
    btw, for me and my gf, moon is our long distance connection... (though it may sound quite funny in these times ;)
    we both believe that moon can convey messages across oceans, and know-what? it does quite often.

    lastly, not being fanatic about the stars and planets, but i do sometimes skim across Susan Miller's astrological insights ( ) and guess what, the new moon on 20th Nov is supposedly special. So good luck! ;0)

  2. That is one heck of a moon. I miss Aizawl. I really do. I'd love to be back, I miss the winters especially. Bonfires, dinner with the family, partying with friends. And if you get a quiet moment to yourself... a glimpse of a moon as beautiful as that.

    Nice blog you got here...
    Mind if I drop by now and then?

  3. g: Thank you. Drop in anytime. Just open the door and pull up a chair and make yourself at home :)

    tinks: You have to tell me all about the long distance connecting via moon thing someday.For some it's a little too beautiful to bear alone, so I'm told ;)

  4. I'm not hitting on you. But I hear that you are HAWT!!

  5. LOL Thanks but that's probably Lalruotkim trying to pull a fast one on you. I'm gonna kill the bugger when he gets home!