Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gone Floral

Went to a Florist Fair today. First prize, in what I guess was the artistic arrangement category, was this starkly simple but very artistically arranged stalks of anthurium with a Christmassy red candle and ribbons, and beautiful ivy leaves.

#2 was equally beautiful to me...I love the asparagus fern and bubblegum fruits at the base, and the holders, which look to me like bamboo, encased in Christmassy green, with elegant gold ribbons wrapped around them, and topping it all off, bright red poinsettias in just the right size.

I don't quite know which category this set-piece belonged to but these lakspurs were so amazingly unblemished and perfect, I thought they weren't real and my sister actually touched the waxy petals to check if they were fresh which they were of course. The riot of purple, which just happens to be my favourite colour, and mauve, cream and white made for a stunning vision of unbelievably fresh waxy beauty.


  1. market research on "impact of colors on a shopper's psyche" shows that people get a sense of "expensive"-ness (sooo costly!!!) when they see the color purple. Ever felt like that?
    Or, seen the other way round, is purple your fav color since you like to own exotic stuff?

    I'm a man of few colors - red, blue, green, black and white to be precise. Everything else, is just grey to me ;0)

    My fav though happens to be the predictable blau, with an avid distaste for flashy red or shiny black (except when we are talking hairdos).

    And the best decorative pieces? Nothing compares to a bonzai... for it reflects the pains you've taken to "dwarf"-y something that can even grow to as big as a peepul tree. Amazing art, must say.
    (And for a very long time, I used to cut tree branches [somewhat bigger than twigs but smaller than real branches though] and sandpaper and varnish them and then pose as if i've built a masterpiece decoration. Just that my art was ages ahead of my peers' vision)

  2. Can't say I own exotic stuff but I do think that deep rich purple is gorgeous and a very mature colour (as compared to say, pink :P ) I like pastels but I love deep colours too...deep purple (and not just because of Smoke on the Water), forest green, rich maroon etc.

    Men and blau
    What else is new? :P

    You sound quite artistic...how 'bout you post a pic of your decorations sometime soon?

  3. thank you for sharing .they are so beautiful.i loved the 2nd one tho the 1st has an ikebana touch to it almost..and is equally beautiful..so is the larkspur arrangement..its larkspur??? almost looks like orchids to me..never see larkspurs with such rich braod petal...beautiful..i wish i was there in aizawl..i love going to those flowershows...though i usually have to go alone ..lolzzz..my hubs is like ..took him thru our rows of cabbages once and he said..dahlias??? duhhh..lolzz

  4. Hi J, the first prize winner is my sister-in-law! I saw the pic and thot they looked so darn familiar, that plank of wood which serves as the stand,and even the big red candle (my mom reuses everything). My mom called up today and she confirmed things for me. What an amazingly small world,eh? lol.

    Anyway, have been lurking around admiring your blog for a few weeks now (came to it through Maimawm's site). I never commented before coz I was sort of uninvited :p Hope you don't mind me visiting.Great blog you have here.

  5. dear_diary, what a small world indeed lol. Are you as good at flower arranging as your folks? Oh sure, drop in here anytime...you don't need to be invited, y'know, I'm a big fan of yours and Maimawm's writings. When are you going to start your own blog? Or do you have one already? It should be great because you're such a good writer :)

    life10, cabbages...dahlias??? LMWAO!!! You two are such a pair! I thought it was lakspurs...ermmm I'm not much of a horticulturist so I really don't know either hehe. But I like going to flower shows too... though it beats me how ppl can have such green fingers.

  6. J...I am lousy at stuff like flowers, I dont even try :) And thx for the kind words about my 'writings', but I dont have my own blog, its easier for me to just post whatever I want on misual. But You have a really great blog. I check it out pretty often hoping for a new post. I love the one about mothers. Will keep dropping by :)