Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Meant To Do My Work Today

I meant to do my work today
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree
And a butterfly flitted across the field
And all the leaves were calling me
And the buttercups nodded their smiling heads
Greeting the bees who came to call
And I asked the lizard the time of day
As he sunned himself on a moss-grown wall
And the wind went sighing over the land
Tossing the grasses to and fro
And a rainbow held out its shining hand
So what could I do but laugh and go?

- Richard Le Gallienne

This post links back to this one. I finally managed to grab an extremely rare (and slightly blurry) download the other day and among other exquisite (forgive me the overuse of the word) scenes, this is one that's lingered on in my mind for years and years. "....and I asked the lizard the time..." I've googled that line a few countless times but never got it until now. What a wonderful treasure trove of memories technology is.


  1. Hetiang film a awm tih hi ka lo hre tawh reng reng hlei nem. Mahse, tunah ka hrechhuak leh ta, i zarah. Lung a va tileng reuh e...

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  3. samuapa, keipawh kum tam tawk ka theihnghilh vang vang hnu in ka hrechhuak thut alom. Mahse internet-ah poh a common lo khawp mai a full movie hi chu. youtube lamah chuan a awm nual.

  4. Picturesquer, the cinematography is just breath-taking. After I saw the movie the first time which was way back in college, I bought this poster of a sunset over a beach because it was sooo Friends and it hung over my bed for many years. I was so sad when I finally had to throw it away because it was too tattered and torn.

  5. Very romantic. Now its usaully the telly that stops us from doing our work.

  6. beautiful. images of a warm sunny day come to mind.

  7. I didn't know this poem. Thanks a ton Callopia.

  8. Good to hear you guys all enjoyed it. Pretty poem, beautiful cinematography, unforgettable movie.

  9. yummy yummy..taste good... nalh bawnra lutuk...

    Vawiin zawng tuantul ka tum zet a
    Apple thing zarah hian mawi takin sirvate a lo hram lauh lauh a
    Phengphe rual chuan vau lo kanin anlo thlawk dial2 a
    hnim hnah leng siau siau te chuan min ko
    pangparmawi tak te chuan nuisang chungin minlo buk khum siau siau a
    Ani, khuai te chuan min ko turin anlo thlawk bawk a
    Tichuan, laiking chu eng hun nge tiin ka zawt a
    Min chhan tum zairel lo chuan thing a bawk vangin ni lum min aisan a
    Virthli leng te pawh chau awm takin ri an chhuah nghawr nghawr a
    hnim hnah te chu a hma leh hnungah an chhem tawn vel a
    Chhimbal zam mawi tak a zam chiai a
    Enge ka tihtak ang le, hlim tak a seihin ka kal ta a...

    Huhu..har lutuk ka thiamin a tlinlo, Miss min han leh sak teh :)

  10. plus Calliopia.. sure have a beautiful voice... :)

  11. Van thiam em em, tawmte! Clap clap. Tu maw beautiful voice, keimah i tihna? :) Mahse ngatinge ziiiing dar 5 leh a chanve ah te i la online khi ka tia ni, tsk tsk.

  12. <3 Perfect for lazy days- thing zai ri in the background, static-filled songs on the radio, a lone cricket and a cock crowing in the distance.