Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ear we go again

Here's a new one - a micro blogpost via cellphone. Back at the CMCH Vellore. Had repair ear surgery on my right ear on Friday. The one I had in late April had been a great success but in mid September I blew it quite literally. I just woke up one morning with my ear off and when it remained stubbornly off the second day I did the unthinkable - pinched my nose and blew my ear open. And out.

My earlier visit here had been at the scorching height of a sizzling summer. This time our first day was rainlashed, grey and sunless. The handwork of cyclone Jal as it turned out. We had to dig out the woollies we'd packed for the home journey through the much cooler north east. Apart from that unexpected one day weather hitch, everything has been smooth-sailing. We even got in a day's sightseeing of the rather arid Vellore Fort which suprisingly holds not much else apart from a sumptuously elaborate 16th century Vijayanagar Hindu temple.

My surgery went well, thanks to the prayers of loved ones and wellwishers, and I'm looking forward to a gentle journey home, again by train to avoid air pressure damaging my new auditory structure. This time I'm planning to max out the home route by taking a two day rest and shop till we drop break in Cal. Whoopee de doo.



  1. Cardinal sin blowing your nose! At home we have to repeatedly remind dad of the same thing. Take care and please don't drop while and after you shop. No more trips to Vellore! We need you here.

  2. Thanks, Loch, I couldn't reply from my phone somehow so I'm at this very seedy cafe with this scratchiest monitor screen I've ever seen. What does your dad have that he has to not blow nose either?

  3. He was hard of hearing on both ears. One ear was damaged when he was a child and the other subsequently later in life. He sneezed hard and ruptured his ear drum! He then used hearing aid but dispensed with them after he was operated for ruptured ear drum in one of the ears. I think the doc took some tissue from his ear and reconstructed the drum. It was quite a major operation and we had it done in Bombay. That was about 15 years ago and he is ok now. Well sort of ok.

    Please don't touch that screen! Is that in Cal or Vellore? Also disinfect your hands because net cafe keyboards harbour more bacteria than public toilets. We don't want another ear infection.

  4. Good time to go back home. Happy Christmas shopping in Cal!

  5. "pinched my nose and blew my ear open"

    That sounds soo painful, but it's good to know that the surgery went well. It is a good time to travel to the south, the heat is gone and winter hasn't yet set in, and added to that you have your shopping expedition in Cal. It's been ages since I shopped there, don't even know the places anymore.

  6. Ah okay Loch, kind of hard that's he's only sort of ok after 15 years. I'll be very careful this time and not do anything silly.

    Thanks, mesjay, my shopping in Cal was great fun. I tried on wigs, for one thing, but didn't actually buy any. Did get myself shades though which I've secretly hankered after for years!

    Yep ambs, that's right, November is a good time for travelling South, though it rained a lot in Vellore and I hated the slush on the streets. Got home last evening and home is home sweet home :)