Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And I Have You

I've always loved the poetry of Nikki Giovanni since I was introduced to her by Manorama, a roommate at a month-long refresher course in Burdwan who was then attempting a doctoral thesis on Ms. Giovanni's works. I never knew if my roomie ever got that thesis done but I'm eternally in her debt for helping me discover Nikki's fresh, readable, entirely identifiable, yet faultlessly classy poetry. Her love poems especially so get it right on the button.


  1. I have never heard of this poet but i love the way she arranges her words in such a neat manner and gets across her point... i think i just mite go and read more of her works.. thanks for introducing her to me ;)

  2. Sweet poem. Strangely the song that comes to mind is -
    Bright are the stars that shine
    Dark is the sky
    I know this love of mine
    Will never die
    And I love her

  3. Laldin, you're welcome. Another fave is her I Wrote a Good Omelet. She's not as well known as say, Maya Angelou, or seems to have written as much, and I remember my roomie saying she'd have to do a comparison study with other poets because NK's volume of published poetry was not quite enough for a doctoral study.

    Right, ambs.

  4. A brand new name to me. Kind of cute, but not sure whether quite my taste. Will try look up more and see.

  5. Her more serious stuff is about Black activism, mesjay. I just like her lighter, love poetry more.