Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who tells the crocuses it's spring?
What calendar informs the daffodils
To bloom, or notifies the birds to sing,
Or bids the grass to blow across the hills?
What almanac has urged the leaves to wake,
Or stirred the tulips in their narrow beds?
What messenger instructs the buds to break,
Or violets to lift their purple heads?
And yet they know.
They know.
This is the hour when spring takes over.
Let the winter pass...
You cannot keep it from the wistful flower,
You cannot hide it from the eager grass.
It's spring. It's spring! The news has got around,
Spreading like fire across the quickened ground.

May Winkler Goodman
I'd meant to post this pretty Spring poem earlier but never got around to it until now when it's more Summer than Spring. Not that we actually have Spring in these parts. It's either winter where you need to sun yourself outside (January came and went with everyone doing basically that, just trying to catch some sun all day). Or it's Summer where we all wilt even up here in the cooler climes of the mountains. Or it's the third and my least favourite season, the monsoon where everything's wet, muddy and mildewed.


  1. Spring rears its sprightly head
    Was the headline in the newspapers today
    I must've missed it on way to work
    For my mind still felt cloudy..

    he he... amateurish attempt!!

    news from yonder is that spring might strike in couple of weeks so it could be a splendid Easter break...
    enjoy your summerdays!

  2. Spring hasn't sprung yet yonder part of the world? Ah, and here we wilt under light of yon unrelenting sun.
    Seriously, heads up, tinks, spring will be there before you know it and all yon cloudiness in yon mind shalt be vanquished for another year, hopefully anyways :)

  3. Yep, spring is the best season. Everything's in color and my SAD gets a break too. Btw, love the lilium, don't tell me u grew that urself. And J, are ur pics all taken with ur K750??

    Finally, made a blog for myself, it's kind of uncrowded out there. and I have developed a penchant for deleting things lately, so please come visit before I delete that too :)

  4. Don't delete your blog, diary! I just never knew you had one. I'll be a very regular visitor and appreciator. It must be the Miss Grundy in me...I just can't stand blogs or ppl in general with bad English :( And just when I was wondering how I could stay in touch after you pulled out of orkut.
    Yes, all my pics are taken with my k750i. I'm hoping to get a proper digicam soon. And no, the lilium's not my own. I'm happy enough with petunias :)

  5. hey, linking fee chu ka lo ba rih mai ang. takin sorry abt that linking u without ur permissio.

  6. Ok chabet, ka cheng singkua kal thei i ni e. Permission kher ni lovin, in hrilh ve tal hi a mawi ngai a momz

  7. I'm regretting not getting k750 instead of z550. you take lovely pics, you don't need a digicam.

    And thanks for visiting the blog:)

  8. It's a privilege visiting your blog, honestly. Awww you should've bought the k750i but I'm having some problems with the joystick so I'm getting a little less enamoured with it. And I hanker for a digicam to take night scenes with. You know, full moon shots etc :)

  9. Yeah...the moon obsession :)

    And I linked your site too. Hope that's okay.