Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The moon was so beautiful last night I just had to post this. Maybe I have a lunar fetish. Maybe I just like night scenes when it comes to photographs. Not that I'm a night person by any means though. I'm one of those increasingly rare, outdated breed that start yawning by 8.30 pm, unless I'm trawling the Net or being thoroughly entertained by something or the other. I need 8 hours sleep at the very least or I start wilting at noon. I truly envy those people who can survive on 4 to 5 hours sleep. Maybe it's a genetics thing, maybe it's just force of habit. And I did grow up at a time when power wasn't around 24/7 and we'd sometimes do our homework by the light of kerosene lanterns. It's such a relief being able to just flick a little switch and call it a day...



  1. staying up and waking up late are the two habits that a bachelor tends to be proud of or ashamed of... depending on where the topic has come up... at an after office party or when you trickle-in for work at noontime with your boss on his way out for lunch :)
    nonetheless, its good to know "mooning" folks... are you also into eclipse-gazing and shooting-stars-hunting hobbies?

  2. LOL you trickle in for work at noon when the boss is about to have lunch? No I'm not really into stargazing and stuff. I don't know a thing about stars though it seems fascinating.It's hard to learn on your own. I need an expert to point out what's what.

  3. start with the Ursa Major... popularly termed the Great Bear...
    The straight line of 3 stars is the most unmistakable sight in the sky.. everytime i look up, the eyes go indaverdently searching for them... and then I start forming shapes in my mind's eye, just like many other did before us and named the star clusters after earthly figures...

    here's something that might be of help:
    "To find the Great Bear in the Spring night sky, look high overhead and locate the Dipper first, then the three pairs of stars which form the Bear’s paws ... this works for the ancient or new way of viewing the Great Bear. The bowl of the Dipper is inverted as if pouring the contents of fresh water down upon an awakening earth. The paws of the Bear are up high, as if walking in the heavens."

  4. One little question...how do I locate the Dipper in the first place? Yep, I'm that star-illiterate :(

  5. now I suppose I'm being pulled there... !!!
    btw, do we have to stare at the moon-post till the next eclipse?