Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Against the Wind

When the seasons turn and the sticky heat gives way to a nip in the air, and that cool nip dips a notch with autumn rains, my thoughts always go back several years in time when I was young and life was sweet and simple. Happiness then was sitting in a cosy hostel room, warmed by a heater, and Bob Seger singing about running against the wind while horses clip clopped across an icy river...

We were young and strong
but we were running against the wind.


  1. Autumn! For me the best season of the year. Maybe it is something from my childhood in Nepal and school days in Darjeeling.
    "For November always means vacation" - Going Home Day song.

    1. Absolutely. Autumn is beautiful. But in a sad way. To quote a poet friend
      The youth of the year has faded,
      The mortality of now has come,

      We pay our respects in adoration
      Of burnt umbers, fire reds and waning sun.