Monday, October 01, 2012

Where Glam Goes

October already. My blog posts have become so sporadic, I surprise even myself.  It's partly because I've gotten so lazy about writing anything lengthy. Maybe I should just do extra-short posts so this place doesn't mildew too much.

Anyway, September was a busy month. The last couple of weeks were specially hectic with the annual inter-college sports which was uncutely followed right away by Internal tests. I don't know what the power-that-be was thinking when he decided on that particular pattern of action. Should've been the other way round definitely. Anyway, the whole sports shebang was great fun and we won. Again, ting! 

Back at work on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday to celebrate our championship), some of the kids who had been on the college teams came milling around the teachers' room to hand in slightly overdue home assignments. And looking at some of them, it struck me how different they seemed. In the courts and stadiums, fitted out in sporting gear, they had been all enviable, confident strut - steady eyed, cool, calm, collected, moving around with easy grace and self-assurance in the way that only sports people can, and displaying skill, tact and aggro with perfect timing. But out of their kits and off court in the teachers' common room, they looked bewilderingly out of sorts: gawky, gauche, tentative - just your regular awkward teenager with all the uncoordinated movements and fractured speech. I tried to put one at ease by asking what his height was and wondered if he was the tallest student we had in college - he'd been one of the volleyball players, and he nervously replied 6'1". Other teachers asked him other things but he didn't relax much. It was then I realised how different we all are when in our element and out of it. In the one, we ooze savvy, poise and confidence; in the other, all the glam just vanishes right back under our skins. Same persons, different people.


  1. There are those that make you almost subscribe to the "dumb jock" stereotype. And then there are the kids who shine in almost all areas, be it sports, academics, event hosting etc. Lucky people!

    1. True that, absolutely! Some folks have all the luck, seems like. But I've realized that early stars don't always shine forever and dim ones do get to shine too at some stage in one way or the other. Guess life is fair after all because everything evens out eventually.