Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nobody Waved Goodbye

How much can a man really take
When he's pushed himself too far
He knows that his mind's gonna break
He's been trying to follow his star..

I don't really know Amy Winehouse. Heard of her, yes, but a little too contemporary for these olde ears. But the drama of her sudden death last night with all the talk of the 27 Club made me remember and hunt down an old magazine article that I'd saved and treasured years and years ago. A time when rock stars were idols, and the more tragic and turbulent their lives, the more glamourous they seemed. The article, beautifully written in the way that only an articulate, high-brow, widely-read,  Indian rock music fan could have written. I'd have loved to reproduce it all out here but it's way too lengthy and my butt is aching to be let off this chair so I'll just post the article in its well worn entirety in memory of once-upon-a-time heroes who died too soon.


  1. I dont know what its about musicians, but their lives and or death seem to have us enthralled in some degree or the other. I still find myself googling about music and musicians quite a lot.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  2. As silly as I feel to be writing all this at my age, yes, I know the feeling, daniel. I've just been reading The Daily Mail and this line seems to sum up the fascination pretty accurately: One obituary said: ‘Rock stars act out our wildest desires and darkest dramas on our behalf so we do not have to.’

  3. Music stars and to a lesser extent movie and sports stars do act out our wildest desires! Very well put. Thanks for sharing. Others who died young are Karen Carpenter (32) and John Lennon (40). She had a squeaky clean image though. Thankfully John didn't. Wonder how much more they would have delighted the world with their music had they lived on.

  4. Amy winehouse hla hi a rawn lar tirh khan ka download ve a, ngaihthlak ve chang chu a awm. Ka ngaihtuah mai mai lai ka share ve ange. Mihring hi a hausa leh rethei hian "insecurity" hi kan nei vek a, chu chu tuna mi case ah pawh hian a langin ka hria. Mamawh- a dang mamawh ni a in hriatna hian min kaihruai chuan nun hi duhamna leh ruahna hian a khat thin in ka hria.

  5. Hehe, being really olde, the first time i came across Amy Winehouse's name was reading about her death in the newspaper. Looking at most of these 'stars', it looks like talent and turbulence go together. Sad!

  6. Thanks for the feedback, guys. This wasn't really about Ms. Winehouse so much as a great opportunity to rerun an old, much-loved write-up on folks I once hero-worshipped as a young, star-struck teen :)