Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Love and Rain

For my baby. With apologies to Thomas Lowell Beddoes for slight changes to his Song, and credit to John Walford for his breathtaking Raindrop Rhapsody.


  1. "Droplets of rain on a window pane,
    where my fingers trace out your name,
    But it rained again, my love in vain."

    © Amosa, 2010.

    The pic reminds of the days when after it rained droplets of water would remain stuck on your window pane and would slowly move downwards. I'd often trace out my name or draw pictures of cats or dogs using the raindrops as my ink and the window pane as my canvas. But too soon it would rain again and all my artwork would be washed away.

  2. ^^ Me likes.
    "But is love ever really in vain?
    For despite the broken's sad refrain,
    Eternity or a moment on a window pane
    Is etched an indelible stain"
    te ka tiaaaa...

    Rain makes love melancholier :)

  3. Yes, and it seems to bring out the poet in us all.