Saturday, January 09, 2010

Dejunkin' a Dresser Drawer

mismatched earstuds
dusty bottles of stale perfume
an empty jar of ecollagen
plastic-coated hairclasps
broken-toothed french combs
a box of white petroleum jelly still in its protective sheath
a dark-eyed peacock feather
l'oreal liss control long past its expiry
a gift tag saying merry christmas. love you lots.
bracelets in skin tones and sky blue and aqua,
silver and gilt-edged worn off in places
economy packs of neosporin and dipsalic
sunblocks in lotion, cream and gel
button strays
a candle
dust whorls
hair strands
dog fur
and this is just the top drawer
wonder what's in the other three?

PS: After my last blog post, some folks seem to have pegged me down as being in some kind of deep dark depression. Not quite. Mood swings is the more correct term. Anyway, it made me remorseful enough to post something more lighthearted to say hey I'm ok.


  1. Old cupboard
    Things leap out
    Clattering sounds

  2. Sounds like you have rats in the cupboard, Loch haha

  3. Ah. I should have said with apologies to Matsuo Basho. Apologies indeed!

  4. This is good, Caliopia, poetic. Isn't it hard throwing away most of those stuffs because they remind you of someone or some occasion?

  5. hman deuh ah khan i blog ah hian comment ka post thiam lo a :( .... ka tlawh loh phah charrrr charrrr...hei ka ron tei lut leh rawk rawk a...comment post dan a lo dang leh tawh

  6. And here I thought you were trying your hand at being poetic too, Loch!

    mesjay, you think so? Thank you. *hugs* Actually I didn't throw away all the stuff. Some I kept back to clutter my space for a while yet :)

    Ka thu lo alom, rambo, an duh duh dan hian thil hi an ti danglam a. Keini hi chuan kan lo ui pui tui lian thlir ve mai mai fo a ni :P Welcome back.

  7. You do have a lot of stuff! And what is Dipsalic? Can't even guess :)

  8. i like the clutter in this poem. the creams and perfumes, dog fur and wht not- very vivid imagery.

  9. hehe diary, it's a skin ointment. Every year around the time the heat starts cranking up, I get this rash on the back of my neck but dipsalic gets rid of it in a couple of days.

    Thank you, Gauri, I really appreciate that :)

  10. Its amazing how the female specie can empty their personal drawer and make it worth a post. For guys (Correction! Any self-respecting male.), I guess it would not extend beyond the fifth line, and you definitely wouldn't wanna know whats in the other three! :P

  11. Hehe red, let's see, a guy's drawers would probably read something like

    mismated socks
    an empty bottle of aftershave
    a jumble of undies
    porn stashes
    more porn stashes
    yet more porn stashes....

    haha you get the drift :D

  12. mine
    is somewhat similar to yours
    what does one do
    with lotions, potions, solutions
    half used,
    still too full to discard
    somehow, that "someday" to use them
    never rolls around.
    Is there comfort in junk
    that familiar, purposeless clutter?
    All I know is
    there's just no more space on my dresser
    for that new Kaya lotion that will make me look fresher :P

  13. Lol your dresser does sound a lot like mine but your poemtry's so much more with it *sigh*