Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bam Bam, gotcha, friend!

I was scratching my head all a.m. trying to think up some absurd but totally credible April Fool text message to send suckers ... uh ... friends. But with rain suddenly lashing down again, I forgot all about it until my sister got this sms around 2 pm which dramatically read -

Obama pulls out of presidential race, says it's for the good of the Democratic party

She's not as rabidly anti-political news as I am so she screeched Turn on the TV! Watch CNN! and waited and waited and waited. Well. Brilliant, I thought. It sounded so plausible, so real, so my kinda prank. So with great glee, I forwarded the message on to tons of people.

One instantly messaged back a speechless but shocked "??!!" One smartypants informed me, "Sister....it's valid only till 12 noon." Well, wiki says the tradition differs and while in some countries, the jokes last only till noon, in others the jokes last all day.

Another friend lamented, "Darn! It's a sad sad day :'(" and getting deeper into it, sent a second more prophetic message which ran, "Expect McCain to win the presidential race now..." Not his fault he's forced to go offline for a month and stew in unable-to-check-facts territory, I decided and messaged back, "Fooled ya! hyuk hyuk hyuk" He was good enough to admit, "Damn, you got me. Good one nonetheless!"

Of the two Political Science colleagues I pranked on, one cheered, "Advantage Clnton! Hurray 4 MHIP!", while the other said, "Strange. I thought he was doing better than her."

A few responded, "April Fool?" I liked the question marked doubts enough to reply cryptically, "Watch TV" Well, it wasn't a yes or no and I wasn't lying exactly. I hope they raced home to turn on the TV or asked their folks back home to turn on the TV and tell them pronto if it was all true :))

Even my baby wasn't spared his blushes. He sneaked out of a high-fi seminar to check cnn.com and message, "Your breaking news is not on the cnn website!"

Hee hee I know I know, my bad :D


  1. :P luckily for me, when I got that message of yours, I was too busy to check it out immediately. Good one, though...my mind had conjured up all sorts of possibilities as to why he'd pull out of the race. Happy April Fool's...though I have doubts that anybody would make a fool outta you!

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  3. Haha daydreambeliever, there were a few ppl who never answered and I figured they just weren't into American politics much and didn't particularly care. Glad I got you some at least :P

    Picturesquer, love pulling your leg. Everybody does, I know. Have you talked to your roomies yet? :D

  4. i msg kha a rawn thleng tlai lutuk a. zan thim dawnah a rawn thleng a, chhun dar 12 hnu lama mi chu engatan mah ka ngai toh hleinem. :D

    hehehehe.. min bum tum 2 an awm a, pakhat cu nangmah. pakhat leh chuan min bum lo chiang.... hehe.. inbum tir mai mai dawn lo.

  5. Haha father, i pk lutuk. Enge i lo awih duh loh ringot? Ka ron msg zz che hi chu lo la thu tak em² zel ringot mai roh!

    mesjay, I should've sent you that one too...what a pity I didn't! :P

  6. If ive got the msg, I wouldnt believe it, no not me :-D . u see, I know too well that u r not that into this poll thingie enough to tell a mutual non-believer of the american poll. therefore sum up the logical reason of the day - april fool!!!

    U are a bad bad person heheh

    Lucky i didnt recve the sms though.
    i Wonder what i would do hihi

  7. apatea, you'd have cranked up either your Internet or TV depending on where you were hihi

  8. thot it was for real....the phone was with my hubby...he was at Lengpui, me at home...he called the moment he received ur SMS...our net was down then...so cannot check on it...

    some few days back, we read about the race and Obama still 'ON'...and we wondered...'tinge J khan a lo thon le...a hre sual maw'n le...????'....

    April fool lam kan lo ngaihtuah lo re re...tunah i ron soi a, ka hre chiah...uih ve :P

  9. Almost two weeks after April Fool-ah in hre ve chiah a? Uih is right :P

  10. April fool khan maw? I love you tih hi ka dawng treuh a..lolzzz awihmawm e. I sawi hi a niang ka thianpa hian an hostel ka han tlohin a sawi a, Bus pon Pakistan president nihna chuh a ni awm e..April fool hi nirengse dawtsawi kan huai ngot hlom ang :-)

  11. I nearly happened to be one of the innocent victims of your belated April fooling...

  12. "I love you tih hi ka dawng treuh" hihi ka ring a ni, Boss! I luck thei chiangz :P

    El aw el, samuelapa :D

    Sure was, Puii :)