Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rainy Day Blahs

I hate the rain
I hate the fog
I hate closed windows
I hate closed doors
I hate the smell of mildew
I hate dog poo around the house
I hate the feel of dank clothes
I hate slushy footprints on the floors
I hate being missed only
at 2 or 3 or 4 in the a.m
I hate having to hate something
I hate the creepy crawlies
that will creep and crawl every which where
now that the rains are here
and they've only just started.

I hate being claustrophobed
by a season.



  1. half of your readers would give an arm to switch their sweltering heat locations to this picturesque valley laden with clouds... and there you are... nothing but grumble grumble...

    with that attitude, you are bound not to like the precious gifts of nature :)

    and you do have a gift bringing out your hate so well ;)

  2. Ah so you can make out my feelings on a wet day hey? :P

    Seriously I love the precious gifts of nature just as much as anyone else. I just prefer them to be bathed in warm bright sunshine.

  3. Makes a really nice read. I love the things you hate except for the pooh! I love the rains.

  4. Thanks, uncas. And you have a great blog I see. Lots of good reading ahead :) I see you're male. And you love the rains. That figures. Males don't do housework so they know zilch about the extra work the rains bring.

  5. Delhi - 48C ...


    i LOVEeeeeeeeeeeee


  6. The only time i love rain is during the summer. Which reminds me of that poem we learnt in school a million years ago - How beautiful is the rain, after the dust and heat.. etc etc. Longfellow, I believe.

    Btw J, nice blog, nice poems. Nice kitchen :)