Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmastime.... a time for friends.
Of course, friends are always there for you but it's hard to see them all the time. These are all people that I got to know via the Net, and they're all great people! (especially my baby *wink*)
Oh btw, tinks, I'm the one in glasses wearing black with a red muffler. Turned out I had an op to put up something better than a shadow profile!


  1. Merry Christmas Callops!

    Also, yeah, the blur / haze is gone now, and I can see through the nicely-fitting spectacles into the eyes of the owner of this space - quite charming, must say!

    Here's wishing you the best of health, wealth and happiness (and loads of purposeful/worthwhile blogging) in the coming year.

    have fun and party! (after you've acted out being nice to Santa yet another year :)
    as for me, i'm having the time of my life... (that's the level of detail you can expect from me though :)

  2. Thank you, thank you tinks...hope you're having a good Christmas too. Why can't we have more details about what all you're upto out there in Pune though? :P

    I wish you in return all the goodies you wish me.

  3. nice try with that arrow-in-the dark :), but i've got no tuck with pune whatsoever... rather i've just been to the city once that too last year when my sister (and lovely niece and nephew along with their Pa) shifted there... liked the Osho commune and German bakery though.. (now that is a good hint if you wish to locate my whereabouts :)

    Christmas was good... esp. cos I was reunited (albeit for a day) with my soulmate (who's a Christian, though I'm not) just prior to Christmas...

    "We are all part of God's plan... " is my favorite quote...

    And yes, I'll make it a point to visit you when I fly down (or up?) to Aizawl this summer :)

    now now: that's quite a lot of revealing, ain't it? :))
    so just sit back and ponder ponder!!

    also your next instalment of blogpost is due... so can we kindly request "out with it!!"? :D

  4. Not in Pune? If you insist. My sitemeter records tell me the laddie doth protest too much though :D
    You're coming here in summer? Seriously? Is that visit sth to do with your soulmate who happens to be Christian? The mind boggles...
    I don't think I can oblige with a new blogpost right now. It's too cold for one thing....I just want to crawl under the blankets and talk to my baby on the phone :D

    So let me wish you here a very happy and happening New Year's eve and an even more happening 2007!

  5. protest? ain't noone here got no right to crib, ma'an? :))

    speculation is sin. so pls. avoid it. :)

    thanks for the wishes... have a great start to the new year and may your baby join you foreva so you save on telephone bills and instead spend on diapers :)

    now, that's NOT speculation. That's called a WISH :D

  6. ok so it's not Pune but Mumbai...but you were in Pune I know and don't you deny it!
    And puleeze don't wish me diapers...argh!!

  7. Happy New Year!
    trust me... never stayed in Mumbai/Pune for any period of time (a week in Pune being only exception... and a few airport transits in Mumbai at most.. )
    alas! diapers are nice and to be cherished... :)

  8. Forsooth milord, my sitemeter says you posted that from Mumbai. And if you persist in denying it, I shall seriously clobber you one!!!!!! Grrrrr

  9. Angaiha, Mamuana, U-Remlala, Zotahnsanga, Lalthanpuia ang deuh poh ka hmu...pitari, is dat guy in orange jacket Masanga?????.....

    i chhelo ber a nih kha...

    ive heard of this dinner :) dat Mamuana's chhas..haha...ka hmuh tum aiin ka hmu a lawm viau maw tia, a van thlang ngaih no bei leh si ve mawle...

    i haven't been to David's Kitchen :D

    i can see some ppl are enjoyin' :P

  10. Hey you seem to know everybody! Yes the guy in orange is Masanga, the girl next to him is his wife. And yes, that's Mamuana's gf...I forget her name...Remlala ten an chhaih reng a, a nui ve mai mai.Thanpuia i hria maw??
    Yes, we had a great time. It was fun. We'll do it again when you get home...kan peih reng alom :D

  11. Masanga married???? my pretty white a** lolzzz

    mak thei ngei....van han lawmpui awm ve le....hehehhe

    Lalthanpuia was my batchmate in St. Pauls :) ... naupang fel a nih kha

    I don't know dat other guy in specs...Angaiha lo one pic he is sittin near Zothansanga...

    rest i think i know...(all thru da net...just like u...)

    ni e, kan la ti don nia... :)

  12. I'm sure you know the guy in specs....a nick tal i hre em em ang...dulranga anih khuau2 kha, Mamuana size. Vacancy a om ania i duh chuan hehe. Hria se min hnek chorh duh ang :P

  13. i believe the nick dulranga did ring a bell somewhere in the corner of my mind...i think i never get to talk to him :)....

    thanks for the offer...he will most prolly not want me and i on the other hand is not quite interested...not because he is ugly or anything, mind you...he looks very decent...but am just not interested :)....thanks anywayz...

    why dont u haf cupid...u angel...he He-Man... :D

  14. masanga ka hmu a .. and iz that B.Zedi?

    im in Anonymous hah!

  15. Ka tlangval lai thlalak lo zuk ni reng a!

  16. I la slim zia khi! Nakum tun ang velah phei chuan Baka aiin i lian ang