Saturday, September 16, 2006

Little Things Mean a Lot

This is an old song that used to be big in the 50s. I've never actually heard it but the lyrics were in an old songbook that we had around the house for as long as I can remember. And little things do mean a lot to me...a thank you for something apparently trivial, keeping your word by calling when you say you'll call general, just little touches that speak tons of good manners and breeding. In friendship, in love, in courtship, in basic interpersonal relationships, they get my vote for gallantry anyday!

blow me a kiss from across the room
say I look nice when i'm not
touch my hair as you pass my chair
little things mean a lot.
give me your arm as we cross the street
call me at six on the dot
a line a day when you're far away
little things mean a lot.
don't have to buy me diamonds or pearls
champagne, sables, and such
i never cared much for diamonds and pearls
'cause honestly, honey, they just cost money
give me a hand when i've lost the way
give me your shoulder to cry on
whether the day is bright or gray
give me your heart to rely on
send me the warmth of a secret smile
to show me you haven't forgot
for now and forever, that's always and ever
honey, little things mean a lot.



  1. Little things do mean a lot to me too that Demolino *wink*

  2. I wish I could say I know what makes you happy but the Demolino was by sheer fluke :D

  3. your wish to know what makes me happy makes me really happy(: