Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nuggets of Poetry

Rifling through the not so well-equipped library at work yesterday, I was surprised to come up with a book of poems written by my onetime warden at the university hostel. Mrs A, wherever you are, these are lovely :)

there are so many songs
i want to sing
but so little time
to sing them in.

so, beloved,
all my songs sung
in the brief whiles

when we become
to each other
and indivisible,
as we soar
on the chords
of the primeval song
which transcends the universe
and renders all time


i wish to write me a poem
where i can sing
of things
that i cannot
find the tunes for...yet

i wish to sing me a song
where i can find
the lyrics for
all the beauty
that i cannot
find the names for...yet

i wish to paint me a picture
where i can show
all the pain
that haunts me
i cannot
the songs
i want to sing
of the poems
that lie
and of the beauty
that dies

and so
i write
and i write..still


when the parting happens
there is a strange feeling
that the initial meeting
never happened
and the ending
renders the beginning
so unreal.

because it is over.

and the parting
remains real
it is forever.


is no age to be
any time, any place

when it is old
is certainly not gold

old age
is aches and pains
only loss, no more gains

it is
of a body
which once held
beauty and strength

it is
of a spirit
which once braved

but that is old age indeed
when loneliness and desolation
today or tomorrow
no longer matter



  1. wow..whoever she was..she wrote so beautifully. i loved all the poems u posted ..the old age poem touched me to the core..and the other ones..she wrote beautiful

  2. liked 'em so much that would've requested you to put all of 'em here.. but instead let me get a copy in print, if one is available.. can you let us know the anthology's name and identify the author?
    currently it could be anyone from Mrs. Atreya to Mrs. Ahuja to Mrs. Akula to Mrs. Ang Suu Ki. ;0)

    btw, life10, you have no right to "past-tense" a person who might still be walking the ground like you and me.. eulogize but donot bury first.. :)

  3. life10 has the unconscious instincts of a natural-born killer, right tinkertoon? :D

    It's Dr T. Ao who wrote these poems. You might remember her 3 lovely daughters, Jes. I think they're probably all married with kids now because Mrs A dedicated her book to her "grandsons Joshua, Aaron and Maolong".

    Tinkertoon, the book's called Songs that Try to Say and it's a Writers Workshop publication. You versify wickedly well btw.

  4. A search reveals that she's had the honor of publishing two books.. ."Songs that tell" being the earlier published in '88...

    they're available on amazon but i'd rather wait for my next tour to india.. (or if someone's flying from there.. )

    thanks for introducing us to such refreshing stuff..

  5. you are right tinkertoon...i didnt realize i did that...just assumed..sorry..yes i do remember her zuls..i remember her! she writes beautiful..doesnt she? i should get hold of this book..

  6. life10 has the unconscious instincts of a natural-born killer
    Looks like... *huuugggee grin*