Monday, July 24, 2006

Testing the Waters

When I first read about blogs in Digit magazine a few years ago I was aghast. It was something like an online diary so they said. My first reaction was why on earth would anyone in their right senses want to hang out their dirty linen for all the world to see! And for someone who's had to struggle all through my growing up years when I diligently kept a diary, away from the prying eyes of my sisters who had the infuriating habit of blithely announcing my deepest secrets at the dinner table, it sounded suspiciously like a total invasion of privacy...something that's incredibly dear to me. So for the longest time I completely nixed the idea. But people change as do the seasons, and browsing through a variety of blogs, some of friends, some of total strangers, I realise that there's a certain show and hide aspect of it which is how I now find myself all out gung ho on putting up little pieces of me for the world and its sister to see.

I can't see myself just yet being so bold as to hang out here every item of my dirty linen so for now it'll probably be poetry and a few cautious musings. Bear with me as I test the waters before I open up my lute to truly sing...


  1. powerful opening words..
    truly reminiscent of a seasoned campaigner who has returned to the ranks... albeit in a new artform...

    word of caution though...
    while quoting others (based on other blogposts from you) is good, do also share what makes you like a piece.. no compulsion, just that it then opens up you to the outside world and makes you vulnerable for harboring whatever thoughts you do... again, nobody's perfect :)

  2. What a relief to have someone finally acknowledge my opening salvo, even if you make me out like some kinda pro which I definitely am not!

    That's a very good suggestion, thank you ever so much. To be honest, I'm not very sure how things work around here. Like can you just post other ppl's stuff or are you supposed to give credit every time...that sorta thing. I'll definitely do as you suggest...great advice. Btw, do you think ppl really read other ppl's blogs that carefully anyway?

  3. careless readers shouldn't
    us careless writers make !!